Start your exchange journey with NEXAW

how it works

Almost Fast as Light Speed

NEXAW easy & simple to use.

Kindly check our How It Works page to follow the correct steps.

Also have a look at our Supported Currencies page to follow the correct steps.

Follow the following steps to create your account ready.

  1. Register with NEXAW
  2. Go to your email & activate your account with NEXAW
  3. You can now log in to your account dashboard

Now, Let's Exchange

Follow the following steps to exchange

  1. Go to Offers tab
  2. Check available offers from other users
  3. On selected offer,
    1. Directly exchange with offered price
    2. Negotiate the price by sending your offere
  4. Wait for the response
  5. After both side confirmation you will get NEXAW fees payment link email
  6. Once NEXAW fees payment done you will receive other side contact info.

You want to add an offer?

Follow the next steps

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Add your offer
    1. In Offered add amount you have and choose its currency
    2. In Exchange Rate add the rate and choose its currency
    3. If you have any notes just write it in My Notes
    4. Press the Add Offer button
  3. Go back to Dashboard page and choose Show My Offers
  4. You can see all your offers